Metadata accretion

Adam Asar 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 10 months ago 5

OOTB mass metadata addition - we need a system with the flexibility to support metadata accretion on assets over time - currently, unless you are replacing metadata, you must export metadata and then re-stamp in order to add any new information into a field (e.g., a new keyword)

Content Types / Metadata

We are currently working on being able to append or delete a tag over a group of assets using a maintenance process.

Is it correct that you mean you want a bulk editing which can append i.o. overwrite the value? Feel free to elaborate a bit on the use case you are trying to solve.

Metadata addition is to add a new tag to an existing field. For example; If an assets is being tagged for 2 countries that is available for local market to use and we wanted to add another country for same asset. it is easier on individual asset level but not possible in bulk now.