Roles and Users/Groups

Shelly 1 year ago in Insights / Reporting updated 12 months ago 2

Include Roles and Users/Group as an EA option for all reporting categories.  For example, I need to report the team working on a specific Activity and Project.   Once the Roles are assigned, that information is available.  It should be an option to add to reporting.  

Hi Tarun, Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.  I use a few report formats for reporting Estimated and Actual Hours.  My ask is that Role is added to each of these as an EA option.  Workflow Task Assignees, Workflow Task Assignee View, and Tasks.   We have a few User Departments that have several Roles within the department.  The Manager would like to run reporting that can group by Role.  They could then look at moving work around based on the Role.  I know that Workflow Task Assignee Source Roles has Role as an option, but this format does not pull Projected Tasks.


Hey Shelly, the activity and project role members objects are available in Aprimo reports. When you're creating a new report, select the category of 'Production Management' and the Activity Role Members and Project Role Members objects should be available. Is there something you needed beyond this?