"Early Adopter Field Styling" feedback

Diana Fournier 1 year ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Liz Guzman 7 months ago 4

We find it very difficult to visually distinguish required fields (no indicator, no asterisk, not bold) from optional fields (word "- optional") in italics after the field label.  Are we seeing the final look of this field styling? 


Hello team, I was just confirming that before you click Save, the current field styling of required fields not being marked and optional fields marked is going to stay as is ?  I know there has been feedback on this being difficult to read, but just confirming as I am developing training material and videos at the moment:)  Thanks.

FYI Eric posted this comment on a different thread that I think relates to this topic:

As we are continuing to work on our UI pages in various areas we want to align our user experience and controls where possible. As we are doing to the new View/Edit page styling we want to align the Task Inbox to have similar style and behavior. We will be making the following updates to the Task Inbox.

  • We will be updating the font size and color on the fields labels and sections in the Task Inbox to match the new style.
  • Required fields will no longer have the "asterisk". Instead all NON required fields will display the phrase "- optional" next to the label the same as the new View/Edit page style. This is to help with usability and better aligns with WCAG guidelines.
  • When the user attempts to complete the task, if fields fail validation, the specific fields that failed will have the entire field outlined in "red" so that it is clearly marked and easy to find for the user.
  • We are considering expanding the alert message at the top of the page to specifically list out which fields failed as well to help the user know what to look for but this is still being reviewed and not final yet.

This work has been committed to a team and should begin sometime in July with the hope to release in August or September depending on the effort. These changes will likely be tied to the New Field Styling feature flag when released initially