Ability for Administrator to Cancel pending job requests

Rachel 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by anonymous 10 months ago 7

Opening from ServiceNow Enhancement....CS0018647

Allow the administrator the capability to delete pending job requests or stuck job requests.

Examples of this issue: CS0018283, CS0019025, CS0022419

This would be most useful for when

1. a maintenance job is accidentally submitted, thereby slowing up the general system for users.

2. if a job has gotten stuck, thereby not allowing any other maintenance jobs to run

3. allows the administrator the ability to bypass the Aprimo support team, leading to a much swifter and more efficient resolution to deletion of pending jobs.


This feature is crucially important for anyone needing to perform bulk updates such as cleanup activity or adding new data.  Unexpected efficiency loss due to unexpected job prioritization can cause work to suffer.  

Something we need at SBD for sure! have an upvote

This is especially helpful when users make mistakes-- although it thankfully doesn't happen often-- we had a job to delete a few thousand records when the user had just wanted to remove certain metadata. We're on prem, so we were able to get our internal IT team to stop ALL pending jobs, but it would be great to be able to selectively cancel pending jobs without technical involvement.

This would be a fantastic feature to add - there have been several instances lately where large jobs were pending and holding up users ability to order/download assets or receive emails with download links.


Updating maintenance jobs while they are in Pending state is something we want to implement later on, so we're putting this on Shelved to gather more votes. We would only allow to cancel jobs that are in a Pending state, and have no plans to allow to cancel jobs that are already executing.