Webhook - Task create/update/delete

mark.bresee 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Daniel Clarke 1 year ago 3

The create/update/delete task webhook should include the body tag element with the project_id and step_type. 

Currently, when I receive a task update webhook, I first need to call the route /api/tasks/{taskID}. If I receive a 404 Not Found error, I then call the review route api/review-tasks/{taskID}. 

If the step_type was included I would already know which type of route to call. This would not only reduce the number of API calls but a 404 Not Found error would mean the task doesn't exist and not this is not a Task but might be a Review Task.

Hello Mark

Watch out for this in release 97.  The body tag will contain more information along the lines of:

{"project_id":1000, "step_type":9, "status":"Approved"}

If the step_type is any of the following use the review-tasks route instead:

4 = ReviewStep

10 = ReviewTask

11 = IterativeReviewStep

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Hello Mark,

I agree and plan to address this concern as it makes sense for both helping to reduce API traffic but also for the flow of external integrations to have that information as early as possible in the interaction between systems.

I will update the response with an expected release version as soon as I can.

Kind Regards