Allow Activity Navigation Group to be driven by Domain Rights.

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Sue Davies 3 months ago 4

When creating full (limited) users with project management capabilities, I applied the proper groups which contain the proper domain rights. However, the new users did not have the ability to navigate to projects from the activity (blue box w/ white down arrow). Support informed me that, "The Main Navigation Column is driven by Domain Rights, but the Activity Navigation Group is not. It remains a configurable item. New Users (including Admin) are not set up by default, and the desired groups need to be added manually." This means each user upon first login needs to navigate to My Preferences >> Activity Navigation Column >> Edit >> Select Project Management from Available Navigation Groups >> Save. I'd like to see that navigation group auto applied to the user upon creation based on the Groups and Domain rights assigned to the user.


Hi Greg, Templates are still supported for activity navigation and can be created and distributed in System Tools -> Templates -> My Home Page Templates.  So an Activity Template can be distributed for new users.  

Hi Amelia,

I worked with Matt Garofalo on this earlier in May. We had created a homepage template called "Project Managers" that contained the  project management navigation group. The template was distributed to all users with our project management group. However, all users with that group still had to manually add the activity navigation column to their user through the breadcrumbs I highlighted in my first note. Matt and I could not figure out why this wasn't auto applied. It was as if the template only made the navigation column available for a user to manually add. Hope that helps.


The issue here is that by default the Projects module is not added as a permission to users navigation setup. The template that was built out can be pushed to users (or groups) to avoid manual configuration of the navigation setup at the Activity level – but this will need to be done EACH TIME A NEW USER IS ADDED.

Essentially, the request would be that users who are given the Project View and/or Project Edit domain right should automatically have the Projects navigation item added to their Activity navigation template.

This is really frustrating us as well.