OOO Functionality Gap

Rob Tuffly 1 year ago in Productivity Management 0

It appears there’s an issue with OOO that never occurred in V9. A user (User A) went on PTO and assigned me (Rob) as her backup. The task had two roles assigned, with a voting style of "First Vote Decides." The second person (User B) on the task did not set her OOO. When User A returned, she attempted to reassign one of the OOO tasks routed to me to herself. She had her OOO still enabled, so OOO didn't allow the reassignment because OOO showed as the backup user to User A. When I reviewed the task, I found that Roles, Users and other assignment data had been wiped from the task. Further, User A closed the task, thinking it would route to her. It didn't. Instead, the task stayed in Assigned status, but without an Assignee.

One fix could be: When Aprimo sees an assigned or in-process task without a Role or User assignment, it could pop an error message for the user or admin to make the assignments. Another could be from the OOO feature. In the case above, OOO could pop a message to the user, stating "You've got OOO enabled. You need to turn it off before you can reassign tasks".