Tasks & Reviews: Keep Vote Options While Editing a Review Task & Allow New Version Uploads While Review Task is Un-Editable

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

Current State:

Currently when a user initially opens a review task and it is in an un-editable state, the vote options are available to the user to presumably review the attachment in the annotation viewer, and close the task out without having to click ‘edit’. This is a seamless setup, and minimizes the number of clicks needed by the user. However, this process is only beneficial if the review task meets an exact set of circumstances.

First, if the reviewer needs to make any input or change to the DCT they are required to click ‘Edit’. Once the page refreshes and the review task is editable, all of the voting options and ‘Download’ button disappear. Rather than being able to make their input(s) and click their vote option, they are required to first click the ‘Save’ button which typically takes a while to fully execute, click their vote option which takes a while to execute, and let’s not forget they then need to click ‘Save’ again once the comments box appears which takes the longest of any task action to fully execute.

The next consideration is that annotating any file format not compatible with the Annotation Viewer requires a reviewer to check out the file to download a copy to their local machine, annotate the file in its native system, and upload a new version over the original. The only problem is, while you do have the ability to check out the file when the review task is un-editable, you are required to be in an editable state to upload a new file version.  This results in the same drawn out process mention above.

Future State

The ideal setup would be to have the ‘Upload’ button available even when the review task is in an un-editable state, and to have the vote options available in the editable state to supplement the need to have to click save first. Clicking a vote option would save the piece and pop-up the comment box the same as it currently does in the un-editable state. Ideally, we would have the option to get rid of the comments box as well, but is for a different request.

Either enhancement would be great, but both would be a huge time saver for our high volume reviewers.

Looking forward to your comments. Thanks!


This exact flow was one of the many user experience improvements we specifically addressed with the new Task Inbox.  When in the Task Inbox a DCT is editable right away, as you update each field we save the changes back to the task.  Users can upload documents or new versions or complete checklist, etc without needing to first go into "edit" mode and then click save afterwards.  After completing all your fields you can then vote right on the page.  As a business we are moving all task and reviews to to be completed within the Task Inbox so we would not be making enhancements like this to the legacy task pages.