Send Notification to Assignee(s) and Project Manager

Georges Janvier 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 3

In Task settings, Status Actions/Send Notification, it can be useful to add some option enabling WF admin to indicate Assignee(s) and/or Project Manager among with the Notify Role options list.

I got some customer business case where task assignees wants to automatically receive the informations entered during task completion at the end of their work and today there's no way to do that. (except sending a notification to all users within the same role which is not relevant or build a custom report which is a non-automatic and a complex solution for doing such a simple thing.

Tasks Notifications

Are you wanting to send an email immediately back to the user who just completed the task?  Almost like an "order confirmation" kind of email?

If so what is the business use case for this?  The user has access to all their closed tasks in the Task Inbox so they can always just login back in and look at previous tasks if they want to see it.

Or is the email going to a different user?

Users want a notification-like email send to the user who just completed the task. The business case is having a document providing selected datas coming from Activitty/Project or just entered while completing the task just like an "order confirmation".

We can only manage today to send this kind of notification to a role users list. (and have no means to know which user completed the task in the role). We currently don't need to send it to a different user.