Asset selection on searches

laura.patterson 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 5

Is it possible to change the functionality of asset selection when searching so that it works the same as when you select assets to process in the uploads page? Essentially the option for “select all” on a search selects every single asset, wondering if it is possible to have it to “select all” only on the current page of search results.

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We have no plans to make other changes, so I'm going to reject.

Currently in the Assets UI you can select 1 asset (the first one), hold shift and select  the last asset, and anything in between will be selected too. On the new UI however, we don't have pages anymore but infinite scrolling.
Can you elaborate on the use case why you would select 1 page of a search result which spans possible over multiple pages?


Thanks for that tip! In all of my time selecting assets, I've only known to select all or select individually!

Agreed.  Having both the ability to select all for a page and select all for the entirety of a search would be very useful.