Annotation Viewer - Add "Hand Tool" Functionality to Better Reposition Zoomed Images During Review

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1


One issue our reviewers frequently complain about is the lose of the hand tool when trying to reposition a zoomed document/image within the Annotation Viewer. Contrary to the selection tool, the Hand Tool allows you to move your image around the window by simply clicking and dragging in the direction you would like to go. Users find this tool useful with maneuvering around an image to focus in on a specific detail within a picture during their review process. Currently, users are required to use the scroll bar to perform the same action and say that when you are at a high zoom, the scroll bar typically overcompensates for the precise repositioning needed at the time.


Create a hand tool similar to the one in Adobe products that allows you to click and drag to reposition the image, as well as, select text when you hover and pause close to or over text. The hand tool could either act is a supplemental option to the Select Tool or replace the Select Tool altogether.

What Does the Hand Tool Do?

This tool is most commonly used for getting a closer look at a specific detail in an image. It is also frequently used along with the Zoom tool. When you use the Hand tool, you can bring a specific detail into closer focus by centering the part of the image with which you are working. This tool is also good to use when you have already made edits to an image and want to get a closer look at the changes you have made. The tool makes it easier for you to work on one specific area at a time and is particularly useful when you are working with a smaller image and need to zoom in. You can use it to pull the area previously edited into the center of the image for focus and then use the Zoom tool as well to get a better look at the changes.

Overview Video of Hand Tool Use in Photoshop: