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Agile Board view for the status of all Activities and Projects.   

Instead of showing Tasks and the different status, the column of cards should be Activities (all open), using the Outlook color coding.  The column should have the ability to sort by a list of EA's and dates (SBU, User Department,  Role, Requestor, Type, etc...)    A second column would only expand if you wanted a closer look at the Projects under the Activity,  When expanded, the Project cards should have the Outlook color coding.      This would allow Schedulers and Managers a view for all Activities for an organization.

The above concept should then be applied to Projects.   Start with the list of Projects, again using the Outlook color coding and same sort options.   A second column would only expand if you want a closer look at the Tasks under the Project.

Additional information needed on the list and card view.  Activity Title, Type, ID and hyper link to the Activity..  Same information for the Project list and card view.   


We also have a similar request to update the Agile Board.

We currently use the Trello Board application to view projects based on status, and have a similar request as this one. Trello is a combination of the Activity / Project Cards and the Agile Board. We would like to update the Agile Board to have more benefits and visibility like Trello so we can drive more usage in Aprimo:

- Show fields: Requestor Department, Project Type (can color code), Activity Owner and Project Manager(shown by the avatar), Audience, Priority, Task Due Date

- Show number of attachments, and can link to the list of Project Attachments

- When you click on the Board, you can see the Project Chats

- You can even configure to add new Statuses such as CRITICAL

- When opening the tile/card, could link to the Activity and Project task worksheet, if needed

Our Business Needs: Our PM's need to quickly understand the status of all their projects. With the additional color coding and information provided in Trello, we get a quick view:

  • Backlog / what’s in progress / roadblocks / complete
  • Who has requested the work
  • Who is responsible for the task(s)
  • When each task is due
  • What documents have already been created
  • What strategies they fall under
  • What is on priority

We are looking for a High Level way to view all the Activities and the Status or Risk Level (Risk of missing the due date).  I'm assuming columns with a way to filter criteria.  For example, we have Managers that would only want to see the Activities for a particular Segment (SBU) of our business.   Can you handle the Status by color coding the actual Activity Title and ID in the Column and allowing sorting by the color coded Status?  An additional column would be used to show the projects in the Activity - again color coded so we can easily see the at Risk Projects.    Ideally, the project would link to the Task Worksheet to see where in the workflow the Project is late.  

I think the columns can remain the same - Activities - Projects, but the filtering criteria would need multiple choices to narrow down the list of Activities.  IE; SBU, Department, Role, Campaign source, Project Type, Activity Type, Activity Owner, Administrator, etc...

Thanks for this further detail.

Any thoughts on how this would be organized?  You stated an Agile Board view for this.  That usually implies columns that represent status of some kind.

What groupings would your users be looking for on this?  A column for status like "In Design, Legal Review, etc" or more just columns for "On Schedule, Late, etc?

Would you want to let each users just create their own columns, name them what they want and organize things their own way?  Or would you want the system to generate the columns and slot items into their location?

Business Use: One place to view all Activities and Projects (with the color-coded Status) that is up to the minute. May be used in Core Team Meetings to review Activity status by SBU, or in Team meetings to view team projects.

Users: Scheduler, Department Managers, Portfolio Managers (they manage the Activities for specific SBU’s within the Company), Directors, VP’s. The users may or may not have access to reporting and/or are at a higher level that would not be running reports.

This would not necessarily be used by Project Managers since they are usually focused on the individual Activities and Projects. Activity Type Status should be Open. The concept would be so show only open Activities and Projects, so we know where to focus attention and resources.

Key Reason to use the board – Update to date view of all Activities and Projects that can show;

  • Visual representation of what is at risk of being late.
  • All activities and projects that a team is currently working on to balance projects and resources.
  • All activities and projects that requested by SBU to accurately report back to our customers.

Relevant Information on Cards –

  • Activity/Project ID
  • Title
  • Outlook Color Coded Status – (Activity would need a definition for the status. For example, if an Activity has 20 projects and 1 is red, Activity Status would be red? Also, closed projects should be excluded from this determination.
  • Links to the Activity and Project
  • Specific Reporting EA’s (Priority Level)
  • Number of Open Projects under the Activity.
  • Launch Date/Due Date

Interesting concept that I would like to discuss further.  Can you better explain the business use case for this.  Sounds like the role you have in mind is Schedulers and Managers.  Are these traffic manager/ project manager type users?  What is the key reason they would come to this board?  To be able to see at a glance if a project is on track or not?  Would they want to see its status (Activity Type Status) reflected in some way on this view.  What information would be relevant on the cards about each Activity or Project to show?