DAM Modern UI: Card Veiw - add classification lists

suzanne.sinclair 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by maygret.sternberger 6 months ago 5

enable support for classification list fields in DAM UI on the Card View

UX Content Types / Metadata

As I understand the card view is intended to provide some of the most important information to identify the right asset quickly.
Most of these information are organized in classification lists like asset status, brands, target audience.
In most cases only one or very few values are assigned to an asset.
I would suggest to also support these kind of fields and add a hint on possible performance implications to the help pages.

BTW: It is currently possible to add such fields to the cards view, but facing only a layout issues with calculating the card height => see case CS0029419

Just wanted to share a small workaround: you can create a single line text field to store the value: e.g. create a field named "BrandsAsText" and then set the default value to something like <ref:record fieldName="Brands" out="tostring"/> and the "Reset to Default"-trigger to OnSave (or On Field Change + select "Brands" as field to monitor).

This approach has the advantage of not having a performance impact on display and since the field is a simple text field, you will be able to use it in the card view.

This will help indeed, we will use this as a workaround for the moment 


The reason why classification list fields are currently not supported in card view is because they require lazy loading, because of the performance impact they have. We do not want to impact the performance of the card view.