Workflow Designer - Group Status Actions Templates

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 1

Would like to have the ability to save groupings of status actions as templates.  Once a group template was created, only one status action group would need to be applied for each instance of its use.  Additionally, if Admin would only need to update the group rather than each instance of the status actions.  

There are many use cases for this feature, but for us a great example would be to use this on the start step of every workflow where we move each Activity level EA filled in on the Activity Request Form to the Project level.  We can have upwards of 40 status actions execute on just the start step alone.   If an admin was able to consolidate that into a grouping similar to groups or roles for system administration -> users it would alleviate a lot of maintenance that is needed to make sure every instance of those status actions are up to date and perform the same action.