Annotation Viewer – Search For Text Functionality Throughout a Document

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Anne Murphy 1 year ago 3

Similar to how you are able to search text in Adobe Acrobat by clicking the CTL – F shortcut, our users consistently complain about not having the ability to search for specific text throughout a document. User often resort to working offline when reviewing longer documents because of the limiting functionality of the annotation viewer. We would like Aprimo to add similar functionality to that of which is in Adobe Acrobat to allow users to find instances of specific text and words throughout a document.

Potential Solution:

Use Aprimo DAM’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology to work within the Annotation viewer so that users can search for words and phrases.

Financial Services group is looking to find out when this moves to Committed. 


This could probably only work for PDF documents but it sounds like that is the use case you have.

Yes, that would be a great start and a huge benefit to our reviewers.