Annotation Viewer - Ability to Format Text in Comments like Adobe (i.e. Bold, Italics, etc.)

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 2

Currently users have no way to format text within the comments box.  This is something that Adobe allows you to do and has forced some of our compliance reviewer to work offline rather than use the annotation viewer.  Many of our compliance disclosures require that certain words or numbers be bolded or formated in a specific way which makes it difficult when a reviewer are trying to make multiple comments to one body of text.  We would like the annotation viewer to mirror the text formatting functionality that Adobe reader or Pro currently provides.  

Hi Eric - Yes, exactly. If you take a look at what Adobe Acrobat offers, that would be a great start. Getting all of the functionality of the rich text editor we have here in Aprimo Voice would be even better. Even basic format (bold, italics) is very important to us because it has to be exact. Currently, we have to make multiple comments or a confusing mess up inter-comment notes to describe exactly what needs to be done.


Is it basically to have a rich text editor capabilities when creating an annotation?  Something more similar to the option you have when posting an Idea here in Aprimo Voice?  Maybe not all the options but some of the basic ones like bold, etc?