Add Live web link as a supported format

Diane Kifer 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Henderson 6 months ago 8

Currently, we have some areas of the business that are submitting outside of the Aprimo tool and submitting directly to a mailbox which causes a second stream of work for our reviewers (Comms, Compliance, and Legal.) Our goal is to have all business areas submitting into Aprimo which allows for better control and more efficient reviews.

One group we are working to get into the Aprimo review process is our Training team. This team would submit a large number of training modules to the process which require the reviewer to actually complete the training module. In order to review them in the Aprimo platform we need to be able to annotate live web links that contain embedded video.

We are requesting an interactive link be supported as a new format in annotation viewer. Below is an example of an interactive link which needs to be opened in Chrome to view and annotate. Our training department uses Articulate and Storyline software to create the websites, which are both cloud based and unable to be annotated once uploaded, even as a webpage, in Aprimo. In present functionality when the URL is uploaded as an attachment, the video is removed when the page is converted to PDF and annotations are enabled. This request is to allow for the video portion of the web page to remain intact when annotation features are activated.

Specific direction provided with the submission is below.

The item can be reviewed by accessing the link below and comments can be left directly using this link. The link should be opened in CHROME.


More and more people asking for this internally and externally with some of our share plans clients. Is there any update on progress with this. We're approaching contract renewal in Oct with aprimo and this would be a big win for us and would help a great deal to ease anxieties internally about how we annotate this type of content.  

One more thing, as our marketing business become increasingly digital it is all the more important we can annotate web pages easily. Less and less pieces of artwork that we sign off are just a PDF and we're increasingly having to find a work around that relies on technology outside of aprimo. 

We'd also really like to see some dynamic web annotations tool. We've trialed the web annotations but the time it takes to generate the site map and PDF too lengthy, we need something more immediate. We'd also love to see the ability to annotate the video and also animations in web content as part of the web page or as an animated GIF. We'd be happy to discuss with aprimo and any other clients how this functionality would ideally work.  

Hi Richard, I can show you how we currently do this. it might give you a short term work around. If interested, e-mail me at gareth.bennie@prudential.co.uk

This sounds very interesting. 

At present for web site changes we typically upload a brief (pdf or the like) that contains the page changes that are needed via a Work Request.

We did look at using the 'Websites' attachment upload functionality to generate a pdf, which could then be annotated and reviewed but there were a couple of issues with this:

1) 'Website' attachment uploads are not available via the Work Request

2) Once a pdf was generated, it could be annotated on a normal task but it would NOT show on Review tasks.

If there was a way to go to a url, annotate the page content and then generate an attachment which is passed directly into a Aprimo via Work Request that would be great.

This would benefit Prudential. We need to annotate and capture dynamic web content such as show/hides, carousels, calculators etc. We currently capture this in mht format and save it to word then convert to PDF to mark it up


Unfortunately the PDF to a video will not work as part of the submission requires the user to make choices.  Its virtually a training deck for our colleagues which has been submitted.  We have a large number of submissions from the group so would be helpful to be able to offer the submission through the tool versus email submissions.


Improved support for "live" website review and annotations is in our roadmap.  However, this is a complex feature.  We have done some initial research on this and will likely need to embed new technology or leverage a partner relationship to provide this type of capability.

I would be curious to hear from more customers on how common reviews of webpages are and how they are handling this today.

For example, in this case could you review the webpage as a PDF but if there was a link to launch the video and review it separately from the page would that work?