Allow workflow to update execution path based on known values

Eric Teitsma 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Holger Blaschek 1 year ago 3

Add the ability in status actions to trigger the workflow to recalculate the current execution path in the project using the values currently set in all relevant attributes.  Currently, if you have ports in a workflow that will route based on values selected in base or extended attributes, those ports are only evaluated right at the time the task is closed.

However, in many cases you already know what path it is going to take in the future much earlier in the process because the data to drive the decision has already been collected.

We would not want to recalculate this every time a field changes as it would create too much churn in the project and tasks.  But, it would be great to have the option to set a status action on the right steps in the process to "recalculate execution path" or something similar that would trace the workflow and update the execution path to match what ports would execute based on the attribute values currently set.

This would give the template designers to option to know at what points in the process will the right data be collected from users where we can now accurately recalculate the path.  This would help greatly with more accurate Resource Allocation predictions and timeline management for project managers.  

Resource Management Workflow

would be super to include asset parameters as well as workflow / operator parameters as triggers

This would be helpful to have as it is currently very difficult or impossible to determine.