In HTML5 Annotation Viewer, immediately after making an annotation, have the cursor automatically default back to the selection/pointer tool.

Glenn Hom 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 year ago 6

Defaulting the cursor back to the selection/pointer tool after making an annotation is the standard functionality of Adobe Acrobat, which most people are accustomed to. Currently the tool remains what it is until the user manually changes it. This results in many accidental annotations that you must delete one by one. This makes reviews take longer, especially for occasional users.

If you make this change, then you don't have to have the annotation pop-up window open every time, which you then have to close, even when you don't need it. I believe that this is the best user experience, validated by Adobe.


Awesome!  I see it there now.  Thanks!

This was deployed in release 93.

In Progress

Great news Glenn!  We are already working on modifying this behavior.  We are adding a new Preference for users for this feature.  Within a Users Preference there is already a section for Annotation Viewer preferences.

A new option is being added for "Persist Tool Selection" with the options of "Yes/No".  It will default to "Yes" which is the current behavior today but if you change it to "No" then after each annotation you create the tool selection will switch back to the "selector" arrow and in order to create a new annotation the user will have to select an option from the toolbar again.

This is targeted to be included in release 93 which should deploy in approximately 2 weeks.

Awesome. Thanks, Eric! You're knocking 'em out of the park today!