Aprimo Sitecore Connector support from within Sitecore RTE Full control

Dave 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 1 year ago 3

The Aprimo Sitecore connector provides the Aprimo DAM asset insert button only on the Rich Text Edit "default" control, and does not appear in the Rich Text Editor "Full" control.  This should be added to provide better usability within Sitecore.  Currently our website page templates system makes heavy use of the RTE Full control to provide content authors with more capabilities; the inability to access Aprimo DAM for assets inclusion severely inhibits the value of the Aprimo DAM Sitecore Connector for what seems no reason.  Any place an asset can be insert (i.e. any type of RTE control in Sitecore) should have the Aprimo DAM button.

This has been completed. Your Aprimo contact will be sharing an updated Sitecore installation package with you shortly.

In Progress

Hi Dave,

We investigated this and enhancement and it should be fairly quick for us to turn around barring any issues. We have a developer working on this.