Step Checklist Items should NOT be required for a Reject Vote only when they Approve

katie.tierney 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 12 months ago 7

When you are voting Reject on an 'Iterative Approve w Changes and Reject' or 'Iterative Reject' Review task, the Step Checklist items should not be required.   The reviewer may have not completed all the steps as the review is not yet complete and will need to be reviewed again.   

For example, the reviewer found an error in the email content they are reviewing, so they cannot tick the box that the email is ready to send.  

When you are rejecting an iterative review, the reviewer will be reviewing again where they can confirm all the steps have been taken.   The step checklist items should be required for the Approve vote only.

Is it ok to simply not require checklist to completed on rejections?  Just a simple all or none?  Or would there be situations where you do want checklist items to be completed even if it is a rejection.

Karthik, I know you would like even more flexibility on linking items together but if to start we simply changed the product so that "required" checklist items are only required when approving a review is that ok?

Also, what about "Approve with Changes".  I assume it should work the same as approved?

I agree as well, all or nothing works for us.  Also, Approve with Changes should work the same as Approved.

I'd say an all or none would be fine. That would work well.

I agree with this one.  You don't always get through the entire list of work list items when you reject a review.

This request is for Qantas, thanks Katie.  We definitely would like this to be a setting for the Reject Vote as we get quite a few users complaining about having to check all the boxes even though they aren't really performing these reminder items.  For some of our complex campaigns, we have 10 checkboxes that are required.

Like this one.
Typically we want to see relationship between DCT EA, Step Checklist,Document upload and Review Vote.

When you approve you have to fill this EA

when you approve you have to upload this document

when you approve you have to make sure checklist points.

same for reject

When you reject you have to fill this EA

when you reject you have to upload this document

when you reject you have to make sure checklist points.


when particular EA value selected on pick list, make document upload mandatory otherwise optional.

Yes, we can do this using 2 simple steps today.