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Read only agile board for requested activities

Peter Lacko 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Shelly 1 year ago 4

To allow contributor users to follow up on an activity they requested, allow the contributor users to see a read-only version of the agile board of their requested activities. This way they can easily see who has already done what in their activity, and who is assigned to do certain things.

Is it possible to allow both?  Original ask was for the requester, but all users without full user access would be better.  Also to include Anonymous user when available.  Thank you!  Shelly

Is the develoment meant only for the requestor or for all users in the workflow with the contributor rights?

Thank you, tina

This initial phase of work is focused on the requester of the activity/project. However, we are evaluating expanding this to allow contributors in general more access to information about projects.

In Progress

Good news!  There is updates releasing soon to the Work Request feature.  A completely updated user experience which includes displaying much more information to the requester about their request.  An configurable information panel will display Activity details similar to how they can be shown in the Task Inbox.  In this information panel there will also be an option to access a read-only agile board view for the Activity and also the Task List for the project.

This work is in development now and will be releasing to Early Adopters this month.  Should be generally available in Q3.