SQL Object API

Guy Curry 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 2 months ago 5

Looks like the "Ability to Edit SQL Objects and run sql query to return results" is planned for Q3 2019.  It would be awesome if the same "Update SQL Objects" feature could exposed to the API to enable us to create our own ways of validating and running queries against Aprimo.


Hey Guy, I'm shelving this at this point because we have no plans to allow direct runs of SQL against the REST API. Instead, you can create custom SQL objects for reports, create a report, and use the reporting API. Since the Reporting API hits a read-only replica of the database, this helps ensure heavy SQL does not impact performance of the main application. Allowing this through the REST API would introduce that risk. 

I would expect on what we had earlier in xml gateway
I used send a below request to query a table 


Hey Guy, 

Generally speaking we're planning to limit the rowcount of what can come back from custom SQL view testing to not have performance impacts against the system. Two questions for you:

1) Can you go into the details of why you'd want to automate creations and validation of queries?

2) If we limit the rowcount, is this still useful to you, or would your use case need the full query results?

Thanks Tarun for the quick reply!  

1.1 - simply put, to speed up our development process for reports and other custom work. Some of the queries people are writing in Aprimo are extraordinarily large and I assume even with the introduction of the edit SQL objects feature there will be a lot of copying SQL code to and from Aprimo until a functioning query is achieved. 

2 - yes, limiting rowcount to a relatively low number for validation purposes would be fine and certainly understand why it's desirable.  That said it would be great if you could wrap the query in a select count(*) so we know the full scope/count of the data set even though we may be visualizing a subset of the results.