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Improve options for Assets download

Adrien Cohen 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Georges Janvier 9 months ago 10


Today in Chanel WF and business processes, we are sharing of assets between several projects, and even attachments mixed with assets as input documents in some tasks.

Today in MP through tasks, users have a download feature (single file or all files) which is working only for attachments as input documents.

This has not been detected since the project started and we got now more than 30 workflows templates build with assets as input documents. (and those documents cannot be moved to attachments as there are final shared versions)

And anyway it’s not possible to use a single file download feature for numerous tasks because of the number of assets (30/50) and it’s became even more confusing when you got attachments and assets for users as there are documents which are downloadable and others that you cannot download. (the same way)

Scr01 : You got below two documents downloadable with a direct link and one non-downloadable.

Scr02 : When an user click on download, there’s only two documents out of three which can be very confusing for users.

Chanel needs the same feature for assets and attachments for downloading through tasks, ideally working the same way and even when you got assets and attachments as input documents for having a simple way to perform those frequent operations.

We need a unified interface for managing all downloads (here’s the attachments screen)

List view :

Download button (Single or All files) :


the ability to have mass downloads on task will save hours per week per user at Chanel - as Chanel managers are frequently rewarded on efficiency/time to complete, this is key.

Hi Tom,

Mass download feature is now available on Chanel servers and currently tested by Sandrine.



The mass download option for DAM assets on a task would still honor your permissions in the DAM so if the user does not have download rights to that record in the DAM they would not be allowed to select that record to download from the Task either. So you will have the option to control with permission whether a user can download WIP assets.

Eric:  I like your proposed download approach but have concerns about allowing download of in-flight ADAM assets during a workflow.  Currently the way you have designed your tasks prevents this which for validated companies is a good thing!  If you are to open this up, the download would need to watermark the asset or in some way block it.  Otherwise users could download UNapproved assets during a workflow, which is a huge validation concern.


Aprimo intends to address this functional gap.  Our current planned approach for this will be to separate the attachments and digital assets into separate document panels.  So there will be a "Documents - Attachments" panel and a "Documents - Digital Assets" panel and then each page will have a download button option with an option to select 1 to all files and download them.

The reason for separating the file types is because Digital Assets have a different download process where the download request is submitted as a download "order" that is packaged and completed by a service and the user is notified when it is complete.  This is done so that large download requests (lots of files or very large files) can be processed without forcing the user to wait for it to complete.  The plan with this new approach on tasks will be to allow the user a choice.  Wait for the download to complete or submit the order and get notified when it is ready.

This work has been assigned to a team and initial designs have begun with the expectation that development will occur starting in July with the goal for it to complete and be available before the end of third quarter.

As the work progresses Aprimo will update the status of this Idea and share a more specific release timeline and release number target.

1)From a User ( contributor user’s )view point  - the focus is on Task Completion, not necessarily focused on using the DAM directly.

2) A user may need to download multi assets (from a task) to make amends.

Given the volume of assets that Chanel need to deal with on key tasks this will greatly add to the user experience

Chanel are still enthusiastic on this point