Task Inbox Estimated Hours

Sharon K 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by James Price 12 months ago 7

Within the Information section of the Task Inbox, the Estimated Work (days, hours, and minutes) refer to the TOTAL time estimated for the task.  The issue is if there are multiple assignees, they do not have a clear idea of how much time is estimated for each, and thus are not sure if they are exceeding their estimated time for each task/project.  

Can the Estimated Work be specific to each assignee or add a Total Estimated Work along with a breakdown per Assignee?  This would help to prevent exceeding estimated time by having a full line of sight into estimated hours for each team member.

Yes, specific to the user please.

I am in agreement as well. 

I agree that it can be specific to the user as well.

I agree that it can be specific to the user. 

I think this goes along with all the other posts on the subject of the Task Inbox tile and what information is displayed. 


Our preference would be to just update the effort to be specific to the user and not show a total effort across all users assigned.  Since this is the Task Inbox and the task is for that specific user the information should be what is relevant to that user.

Curious what others think about this.


We completely agree, as within the Task Inbox the task is specific to that user.