New Metadata Exchange feature should allow you to select BASE EAs

Diana Fournier 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 11 months ago 2

In SaaS there is a new feature in Aprimo workflow config that allows you to set metadata fields on DAM Assets.  However, it only allows selection of Custom EAs, not Base ones.  Is this potentially a defect?

Use case:  we'd like to be able to set a DAM Field "ProjectID" with the base EA in our Aprimo project "ProjectID".  When we go to configure it in the workflow, only some custom Project-level EAs are selectable, no base ones.

Confirmed with EMMsphere

Ok thank you, Eric!


Hi Diana,

It is our intent to create and store the linkage between Activities and Projects and DAM records through base functionality.  There will be a usage section on the record that will show what Activities and Project the record is associated.

As we work through this on our roadmap, a workaround today is to copy the Project ID base field to a custom EA in workflow and then you can map that custom EA field to the DAM record metadata field you want to store it within.