Annotation permissions per role or group

katie.tierney 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Joe Cerep 1 year ago 3

Many of my customers don't have some users (external agencies in particular) login to Aprimo to see comments from their team because there are some annotations that are not to be shared outside their company.  If the reviewers could flag specific annotations as private and then select specific roles that could view the comments, this would be beneficial.


Does it vary by each annotation or is it more comments made be some roles should be private and comments made by others should be public?  Meaning, could we simply say that comments made by a user in the Compliance role should always be private and comments made by a user in the Designer role should always be public?  My concern with adding a flag on each annotation is that is puts the work on the user to remember to set whether it is public or private and they will forget or it will be viewed as more click they have to make on each annotation they create which will frustrate them.

Eric, in your example who would "private" annotations be available to? Would there be the ability to configure who is able to see private annotations based on role or domain rights? This request is similar to our request for enabling private (and public) chat board comments so I'm wondering if the thought would be to have annotations & chat board comments have the same functionality if private vs. public options were to be being rolled out.

It would be a flag based on the role that would be defaulted to private vs public , so your example above is correct.