Ability to plan at higher level and casecasde at lowest level

Athar Siddiqui 2 years ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 1 year ago 2

Business case: Wiithin a brand their are multiple segment and current user needs to create forecast lines for each segment. We need an option where marketer can provide forecast at planning segment level which will then explode to underlying child segment. This way marketer has ability to either forecast at specific child segment (which is correspond to GL entry) or at planning level which will be explode to child level by system. This is critical as based on current functionality marketer needs to spend unnecessary extra time to enter the data.


Do we understand this as you would want sub-items and rollup ability within the forecast grid? This adds even more complexity and granularity to a forecast. Will this still be an issue when the new forecast grid (that has the months across the top) is rolled out?