Ability to reallocate unused activity forecats to budget for a closed month or option to move to next month - Sweep Process

Athar Siddiqui 2 years ago in Spend Management updated 1 year ago 4

As per current functionality budget is consumed by approved activity forecast, the issue is forecast amount doesn't get released back to budget if no execution against that activity for the month i.e. no actuals for the month. We need ability in the system to either move the forecast to next month or release the amount back to budget as part of month end.


This is something we have been discussing. Would it need to be automatically triggered (if so, when?) or can the reallocation be done via a button?

We like it to be done via button.

Thanks, Athar. This input helps. Who would have access to perform the reallocation via that button - anyone with Financials Edit access to the Activity?

People with Finance Admin role or Finance Super users access. We have groups setup.