Activity Forecast : Make expense line unique based on base items as well as Extended Attribute

Adarsh Mathur 1 year ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 1 year ago 1

Make the expense line unique on base items and Extended attributes . 

Current Unique Item Combination = ( Year+Period+Expense Category+Description) 

Requested  Unique Item Combination =  ( Year+Period+Expense Category+Description+ Extended Attributes )

Example: If we have a Expense line by Multiple Brand & Segments then in current set up the uniqueness is lost and we have to change the description with a suffix of 1, 2 etc but if we had the uniqueness with base items and extended attributes then we need not have to change descriptions to make them unique. 


This would be very difficult to make generally applicable and configurable within Aprimo. When the new forecast grid is released, there will also be the potential for far fewer forecast rows.