Activity Forecast : Disable the functionality to delete requested forecast when an activity denied

Adarsh Mathur 1 year ago in Spend Management updated by Mark Weissman 1 year ago 1

When an Activity Forecast is "Rejected" during workflow process , all the forecast lines related to this activity is deleted. This creates double work as the users will need to enter the entire forecast again . 

Example: If we have an activity with 50 forecast lines and if only a few need to be rejected, there is no capability to reject those few lines, instead the entire forecast lines are deleted . Then the user has to re-enter the entire 50 lines again . 

Proposal : Ability to reject but not delete the Forecast lines so that users can just make changes for rejected lines and then resend for approval.


Agreed that this would simplify the process of getting large numbers of forecasts re-approved.