Access to Historical Notifications

Rob Tuffly 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 3

Need access to notifications that have been sent to users. This will enable admins to identify if/when notifications were (or were not) sent, sent to the wrong user, or adjust content issues with current notifications. Admins can purge historical notifications as needed or set a date to auto-purge. 

Can Aprimo create a report for notification history with date range?


I would have concerns of volume here so if we did this I would want to limit how long it was retained.  It sounds like the need here is normally more an immediate "I did not get that email, or who did this email go to" so would a 30 or 60 day history be sufficient.

Second, is there a desire to be able to "resend" the email again as well or just to be able to view it historically?  If it is just the historical view then we could store it somewhere accessible to reports and it could simply be retrieved via a report and not a UI in the application.

Hi Eric - I should have been more specific: The notifications I'm referencing are the Activity Notes, not the workflow notifications.Does that change your proposed solution?