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Melissa 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 10

Either “Assets” as the home button should be configurable or it should be re-worded to “Home”. Need an intuitive way for users to get back to "home".


The navigation bar will not be configurable to start and will contain home for the new DAM UI and for Productivity Management (if the user has access to that). Currently navigation to home of Assets is not foreseen. We opted for Assets navigation points in process starting from the new UI. For instance working on a new UI item, stepping into Assets using 'edit in Assets' to complete the editing process and going back to new UI item when done. We took this approach because we're convinced that by the time we've added more upload capabilities and more multi-editing capabilities into new UI, there will be little reasons left for going to Assets, unless you are a very specific content administrator.

this is a preview on how the navigation will look:

Thanks Petra - so if we don't plan to use the PM tool, and are only a DAM customer, we lose all that space?  Feels like valuable real estate we cannot use. 

The left navigation is a slide-over, as it is currently in the new DAM UI, and provides access to the areas the user is licensed to see.

what are the options to add to the navigation bar?  Uploads, Downloads, Collections, Home, Assets . . . any other possibilities? 

If users are switching between the Old Assets UI and new Consumer UI, will the "home" button on the navigation bar bring them to the home page of the New UI, and will there be an "assets" button to get them back to the Assets UI?

In Progress

We are currently designing the left navigation of our new UI in general and here there will be clear 'home' menu items. So i thought it would be a good moment in time to put this in progress.

I agree.  "Assets" is not intuitive for users, especially if they are not frequent visitors to this site.