Dynamic Document Uploads

Rob Tuffly 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated 1 year ago 7

Add ability to add Documents Type(s) within workflow steps based on EAs or other triggers. For example - Similar to Cascading DCTs, a user can select a task EA and a new Document Type would appear in the Document Upload area.

We've had this issue as well where sometimes we have to require uploads based on scenarios. Today we have to solve for this by routing the tasks differently which has lead to some duplicate tasks, back to back tasks for users, or just not making the uploads required which leads to higher reject rates in subsequent review steps when documents are missing.  So I actually think this would simplify our configuration and improve the user experience as it would allow is to manage the document uploads in one place vs having a clunky configuration.

So I understand the general ask here but I am concerned about the implications of this.  This would even further complicate the configuration, ongoing maintenance and support ability of your workflow templates right?  I am mentally trying to think through where and how you would configure this.

I think I would like to better understand the business use case here and see if there might be other ways to solve for it rather than this specific approach outlined here.

Will either of you be at SYNC in Nashville?  Perhaps we could discuss this some there.

I'll be at SYNC and would be happy to discuss further there.

This would require more configuration in the WF Templates but potentially could be an optional feature for admins. Similar to the option in Page Layout to display a DCT only to a specific Role, there could be an additional field in Document Layout that allows Document Types to be displayed based on a specific criteria (Ideally a Document Type could be displayed/restricted based on specific EA criteria or at least Activity Type/Project Type)

A quick synopsis of our use case:

We use one workflow for requests for new creative documents. This one workflow will be utilized for all channels (Email, Direct Mail, Digital Content, SMS, Billboards etc.). For Email alone, there are 4 technical document types that could be needed for a new request in addition to the standard creative brief. In order for us to allow users to upload the necessary document(s) we have to have all possible document type options available in their task. For us to use a single workflow currently, every potential document type needed for all channels has to be made available in certain Tasks. If we were able to require/restrict the document types available to upload based on EA criteria or Activity Type/Project Type, it would allow a much cleaner user experience in the Task Inbox.

Unfortunately, I won't be at Synch. However, I'm glad to jump on a call to discuss. Thanks@

We submitted a similar request titled "Dynamic Attachment Type Display". This request would be very helpful to any company that utilizes one workflow between many different groups/channels/processes. Rather than having to display all document types in a single task (or build multiple identical tasks with different document types on each), this would allow an EA to control what document types are displayed in a single task (Activity Type is a good example).

Thanks Joe! I agree with the reasons you stated. We use flows that need to accommodate internal and external users. Depending on which entity is assigned a role, a specific Document Type needs to display for the respective user. Further, there are cases when we don't need to show any Document Types to one entity but, using the same flow, we must display a Document Type to another. Our workarounds require a great deal of training and, with influx of new users, this additional training is burdensome.