Revert Task Notifications to Display without Project Manager Name

Rob Tuffly 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 months ago 12

Newly released task notifications that display the Project Manager name if both the From and Reply-To fields confuses users. Task notifications appear as if they are sent from users. This conflicts our business process around Activity Notes, which we use to communicate issues, updates, etc. from within the system.


There are no current plans to make any further changes here.  Given the amount of negative feedback received on this change, if we were to add in the extra option it seems unlikely anyone would actually activate it so that development effort has been tabled for use in other areas.

Are you asking just to know or because you are interested in the original change that was reverted?

Eric -

Is there an updated status on this thread?

It has been fixed. We are now able to set the "From" of all the notifications coming from Aprimo to a fixed email address (does not need to be a valid email address) by setting the parameter "Internal Notification From Address:" in system parameters.

In Progress

This was changed with release 92.  We will update you on timing for the modifications described below.

In Progress

We received a lot of feedback around the recent change. There have been some solid use cases provided to me and others as to why this change is not positive for all customers.

Therefore, we will be taking the following two actions:

  • We will be reverting the current change with release 92 and emails will switch back to working as they did previously.
  • We will be going back and modifying the behavior of the feature, doing some further testing and will release it again but in this case it will have two options based on a system parameter.
    1. Option 1 – All emails will show a display name of “Aprimo”.  The actual sender email will still be the same generic email account for each customer.
    2. Option 2 – Emails will intelligently show the actual user context in the display name (like the Project Manager for a Task notification) and in other cases will use a generic “Aprimo” as the display name in the case of emails like report distributions.

Option 1 will allow customers to give users back a consistent sender/display name for every email like they had before so they can easily sort to find all "Aprimo" emails or setup rules to route or suppress those emails based on that single display name as well.

The second Option will allow customers that want the more specific user name behavior that was the intended use case for this change to configure that option providing users the option to sort task emails by the PM working the project, reply back to that PM, etc

The goal would be to introduce this change back in an upcoming release (probably in release 94) but that will depend on the development progress and timing of the release. When we are ready to release this new change we will post it early in the release notes and display a Pendo message to system admins giving them warning in advance.  The feature would release with all customers set to default to Option 1 in the parameter (all emails coming from one common Display Name) and those customers wishing to change the behavior to Option 2 can then make that change in their environments.

I apologize for the churn this change has caused in some of our customers.  We will take the insights we have gained around our customers usage of emails into account when considering any other broader changes related to email notifications.

This change was not well received by our users, specifically our Compliance group who manages email based on the sender information and from it coming from the PM, there is a possibility it will get lost among their other tons of emails so would like to see if the change could be rolled back to the previous version.  They were able to manage notifications prior based on it coming from the generic Barclay/aprimo email address.  If possible would like to know the reasoning behind the change. 

It may definitely help to some sections of users/clients, however not for all.

This feature should not replace the existing functionality but should be given as an option, somewhere in system parameters.

An additional concern might be that the emails would be rerouted to Bulk or Spam folders. If we receive emails that contain our own names from a domain other than our corporate one, they often are diverted to Bulk or Spam folders. It may require extra work for our IT/email teams allow the sender. I'm afraid this could potentially expose us to risk?

We (Wells Fargo) asked Aprimo to roll this back when it hit the sandbox for 3 reasons:  1.)  We have users who use outlook rules to suppress notifications and some of them will need to make an adjustment  2.)  We found a defect (inactive user showed up vs Project Workflow Manager) however we cannot reproduce the defect and 3.)  We did not have enough time to prepare our users for this change.  

We also prefer that notifications not come from the project workflow manager.  

Aprimo's responded:  Overall, this change will have a positive impact for clients as it will directly improve the email experience.

Thanks Mike! I agree with all your reasons, especially the Outlook rule issue. I'm unclear how it will improve the email experience. When I see a sender's name with a different email address than I'm used to seeing for that user (eg - @sgmail.aprimocloud.com), user abrasion naturally trends upward. I'll look for the defect you mentioned as well.

I agree with all of Mike's feedback comments.  I do not see this as a positive change but a negative impact for the end users.

I would like to know more detail on Aprimo's feed back that this will have a positive impact for clients.  For example, how was it determined this is what the clients want?