Contributor users need to be able to see Chatboards in the same way a Full user does

Christine Mellick 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Monika S. 12 months ago 6

Contributor users need to be able to see Chatboards in the same way a Full user does regardless of whether it is at the Job Level or the Workflow Level and regardless of if they have already been added to the Task List or the Access List. That includes any links that are sent through notifications. We do not want to be manipulating the Access List on every Job in order to accomplish this.


Once tagged, should the user then be added to the access list automatically?  I assume once they are tagged they will want to be able to see the full chat board thread for that project and not just the one comment they were tagged within correct?

We are planning to do a group of updated to chat soon.  There have been several ideas around it added to Voice recently so we are going to pull together a set of improvements but we need to understand the balance of some customers who want to be able to tightly control who can see chats and others who want it open to everyone.

Hello Eric, where are we with this idea? Do you need any additional info from us?
We are interested in other chat boards enhancements as well. Can I ask when is the plan to implement all those changes to chat boards??

For our users, we don't need that tight control.  Once, they are tagged, they should have the ability to see the full chatboard thread. I am assuming if they are Contributor users there is no point in adding them to the Access List as they wouldn't have visibility into the Job as a Contributor.  Really it is just the Chatboard full access they are needed to be added to.

In order for us to adopt chatboards usage, we need to make sure our Contributor users are able to interact with this functionality, same as a Full users do. 

Our end users really often need to contact with someone else within their department (not necessarily related to Job as a Job Owner or Task Assignee). Right now Full users can tag anyone who has access to streetlight, Contributor users cannot. 

This is critical functionality needed to fully adopt the chatboard.