Fixed Begin Date based on Extended Attribute Refresh Task worksheet.

Scott Carson 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 3

We want to be able to set a date extended attribute in a step and later in the process have the workflow set wait until that date has past to begin.   The issue is when the workflow starts is the only time the task worksheet is update with that date.   My ask would be if the date EA changes during the process, the task worksheet would update as well.


Related to this topic, does anyone see any reason why it should not work this way?  If we were to make this change I would prefer to not make it yet another configuration option you have to pick.  I would rather just change the standard behavior to say that if you setup a step tied to a Date EA.  If that Date EA value changes, then the task due dates shift to match.  Obviously, if the task is closed it would do nothing.  Personally, I think it should only recalculate the date for a task that is still in Projected status.  If the task is in an Assigned or In Process status I am not sure that we should change the dates but I am open to others thoughts on how that should behave.

In addition to this, have the task worksheet from the beginning show the correct path, if it is not the best practice path, if the output port values have been provided up front.

Example: There are 3 output ports on the first task to determine the next task based on the 'Complexity' field that has been provided when the Activity is created, so ideally, the task worksheet would show the correct set of tasks upfront, even if it wasn't the best practice path.