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Currently when I am modifying an already created space, I have no way of remembering or indicating how the contents of that space are currently set up.  Meaning if I were trying to modify a space in the future, I would not know exactly how I initially set it up.  Having some sort of preserved record of which search terms made up that space's current settings would be very useful for future tweaks and modifications.  

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In the future, spaces will be built on Collections. For a dynamic collection we will foresee the ability to change the search query at a later moment in time. We plan to do this work at the end of our ongoing Collection implementation which we are busy with now.

Hi Petra

Is this solution in place already and where can we find more information about how to use it?

We're not that far along yet.

This functionality is definitely essential from a Administrative/Maintenance standpoint.  The more the DAM is expanded through an enterprise the greater the need becomes for auditing becomes.


This is a valid request. To make speed in rolling out spaces we used advanced search in the Assets UI to define the content of the space. As there is no way to visualize that search query, we can't store it on the space. We did make an internal notes field on the last reveiw step of space creation so one can make notes to remember what search you defined. The use of the advanced search in Assets to define space content is an intermediate solution until we've built up enough search functionality in the new UI to actually run the search in the new UI and save this as a space, with the ability to go back later and change it.

My suggestion (which if your team has a better one, feel free to imagine) would be to either indicate the search settings on the new ui's page under "Space Contents" or when the user selects "navigate to Assets" from the new ui, when they drop onto the Advanced searching on records page, it has the current search pre-populated.