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AEM Connector and Multi Select Fields

Monika Pickard 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Michael Higgins 2 weeks ago 6

Allow multi select fields to be used when using AEM connector. 

This is a need for NY Life as well.  We are looking to map from Aprimo to AEM and need to export fields such as Audience and Channel which are MSVs at the Activity level

Hi Monika,

Can you elaborate on a use case here on what you're trying to map? Additionally, with a multi-select field in Aprimo, what data type in AEM would these map to - multi value text, or a multi value dropdown, or does not matter - you just need to see the info in AEM somehow?

Did you need more information from me?

We had to create additional EA's on the attachment level(L1, L2 and sub levels) in order to work around the fact that we couldn't to multi select values in Aprimo that would transfer to AEM.  We need to create mulit select Ea's in Aprimo.