System Parameter to "Override Roles when Applying Teams"

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 3

We utilize the "Append Roles when Applying Teams" parameter but would greatly benefit from a "Override Roles when Applying Teams" option that would remove the user(s) in a role and replace them with new user(s) when a team is applied. This option would allow us the flexibility to have users select/update assignees for future tasks through the selection they make in an EA.

i.e. - we currently have three roles for our marketing communications team.

- Group Lead

- Team Lead

- Project Lead

Some requests require review by the Group Lead who assigns a Team Lead & the Team Lead would then assign a Project Lead. Simple requests may only need a Project Lead. Other requests may be reviewed by a Group Lead and assigned directly to a Project Lead with no Team Lead involvement.

We currently have to accommodate all of the potential routing through WF Templates and maintain all three roles. If there was an option to override roles when applying teams, we could have one Marketing Communication Lead role that is updated based on the selection made by the task assignee (assignee would select "Marketing Communication Lead" EA which would apply a new team and override the previous team). This would allow us to simplify our Workflow Templates and minimize roles.

We have similar use cases for other roles such as reviewers. i.e - If a Brand or Legal reviewer is assigned at the start of a Workflow and it is determined they were the incorrect assignee, manual intervention is needed to remove the current user(s) from the role and replace them with the correct user(s). This requested parameter would allow for the role update to be made through an EA selection in a users task.


Hi Joe,

Were you able to use the role assignment feature to manage this now that its available?  FYI, we are making a couple tweaks to that feature here soon as well.  To help performance, if you are allowing all users to be selected we are only going to load the first 50 initially and then if you scroll to bottom we will load 50 more etc, or you can still start to type a name to filter the list down.  We are also adding an option to limit the users available to anyone who is assigned that specific role either directly on their record OR based on belong to a group with role assigned to give more flexibility.



Hi Joe,

If the user can set the role directly on their task would this even be necessary?  See this other feature that is already committed.


If you have this do you even need these EAs anymore or can the users just set the roles themselves now?

The ability to assign roles directly through a task negates the need for this system parameter. To your point, since the EAs we use for role assignment today are manually input by users, we could remove the EAs and just have those same users assign the role directly.