Allow configuring download option with clipping path

Maja Pejčić 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 7


It would be good if admin could configure download action in the menu that would support clipping. Admin could potentially define the name of clipping path for the action to use, or default to first clipping path found for the file. If no clipping path is found, then download could do other configured things, like resize. 

Clipping is currently only available via orders, however many uses don't like using orders since you need to use multiple steps to configure an order. Also some clients don't feel comfortable with letting uses choose how to download and resize, they prefer configuring actions in the menu that would always provide adequate results to end user. 

Orders / Sharing

This is in DAM release 140


The timing for configurable download actions in new UI is 2nd half Jan. So you will be able to configure a download action with clipping path execution as of that moment (=the topic of this thread).

However, we have no support for clipping path conversions on EPS. We support clipping path conversions through ImageMagick, see table for supported file formats: https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/assets/webhelp/Content/Admin%20Guide/MediaEngines/SupportedActions.htm

On the file uploaded in the ticket we didn't find a clipping path, only transparency.  AFAIK we also didn't support clipping path on EPS files in the past using the out-of-box ADAM. So in case you really need clipping path conversion on EPS files, can you create a different request for this in voice. Thx

This is a HUGE requirement for SBD -  We raised this in CS0023304 for us. particularly for EPS to PNG transformation

Any ETA?

We use clipping every day.  On-prem this is a custom download action that we cannot recreate in Azure.  Once our users go to the cloud, they will not find the "Order" process friendly.  It's not only extra clicks, it's extra decisions that the average Product Manager wouldn't know how to answer so they would stop self-serving and reach out to the DAM Team (catalogers) for the assets they want clipped/downloaded.