Ability to tag any user/reviewer in a Chat

Elisa Williams 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Daniel Clarke 2 months ago 10

We would like the ability to tag any user/reviewer (anyone who is a licensed user) in a Chat.  We'd prefer to have the entire list of licensed users in the drop down and choose anyone from the list that could benefit/participate in the chat. 

Currently, we can only tag a reviewer in a chat but it would be more efficient if we could tag a future reviewer or another licensed user in a chat rather than having to follow up with them through email in order to keep them in the loop as to what was discussed via chat on a project.  


Please look out for this in Version 123.

Going forward you will be able to tag any user (full or contributor) within a chat message using the type ahead, and that person will be added into a new list of "Additional Chat Users" upon posting the message for a given Activity/Project/Proposal. Now this subset of users will no longer have to be given elevated rights to view/respond to the chat, thereby keeping the access to chat separate from the normal domain rights/access list combination.

Anyone who has the current combination of rights/roles necessary and are on the access list of Activities for example will still be able to use the chat board normally as they do today. You can also later give an Additional Chat User access to an Activity, Proposal etc. through domain rights/access lists if you so wish to.

On the relevant objects (Activity, Project, Proposal) you will see a new tab called Chat Access. On here will also be a route to add/remove users from the Additional Chat Users for a given object should you want more granular control, or to add multiple people without posting a message in chat.

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Dan (PM)

I love this idea. I also am adding configuration to allow for additional 'watchlist' style users to receive chats.

I agree having a permissions right or security user group membership would be best.  Our use case primarily would be anyone in the creative teams, requesters, approvers, etc. for a project.    Another option could be for anyone more than anonymous/consumer access (= "full" + "review" users)


Depending on the size of a company and its use of Aprimo, this could make a potentially very large list of users to select from when tagging someone.  Do you feel like users would be able to find the right person each time?  Is there any concern that the wrong John Smith gets tagged into project or would it get sorted out quick enough by the users?

Also, if we allowed this then I would think that a tagged user should automatically have to be added to the access list.  If not they would not be able to see the chat board for the project.  Would you agree?

Similar to Joe's comment below, we find that we are always having to do additional configuration to our workflows/teams to make users taggable on the Project/Task chat board. While I can see the adverse issue with allowing everyone, I wonder if this could be a system parameter where its an "All Users" or "Access List Control"option. For the clients I have worked with, I think they would all rather have the option for everyone since you have the functionality to type search someones name.

We currently apply a team including all of our users to a role on every Activity through business rules in order to be able to tag all users in the chat boards. The full list of users can take time to sort through - I don't think a scenario where the wrong user is selected would be a frequent pain point but the ability to type ahead to search for users in the chat board would be a helpful enhancement. Let me know if this should be submitted as a separate topic.

This is a great idea and may be a good workaround for us.  Thank you!

I agree that this functionality would be a great enhancement, especially in terms of user adoption. New users frequently ask how they can communicate with someone when one or both of the users don't have a task assigned to them. Allowing all users to be tagged in a chat board would help to keep all communication for a project in the system as opposed to having some communication through projects/workflows in the system and some through email.

We have also submitted a separate enhancement suggestion for the ability to only display chat board comments to the users who were tagged in the post. By allowing everyone to be tagged in a chat board and adding some flexibility around who specific comments on the chat board would be displayed to would allow the chat board to function similarly to how most companies use email and would help to keep users working strictly in the system.

This submission is referring to Contributer users, I'm referring to Full users.