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Allow us to remove "Actual Start" and "Actual End" dates from Work Entry section to simplify Resource Management

Glenn Hom 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 5 months ago 7

Our department is now utilizing "Actual Work" time from the "Work Entry" fields, which is incredible for resource tracking of campaigns and projects. But this requires all users to also enter "Actual Start" and "Actual End" dates, which is useless information for our needs and is a waste of time. Users say its a hassle and don't want to do it. Please create a way for us to just ask users for "Actual Work" time only. Thanks.

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Glenn, we have implemented the first part of this request - pre-filling the End Date with "today's date" - that was implemented in Release 114. We are currently working a story to populate the actual Begin Date with the date that the previous task ended and of course, the user can edit either one of these dates in addition to entering the actual work. This should be done in Release 117 but I will update this request when it is finalized. 

Thank you for helping us understand your need for this.  

Glenn, do you really need the dates removed or could we simply default their values to match the Begin and End dates of the task.  That way if they wanted to adjust the dates their is still the option but it is defaulted so they do not have to enter it unless they want to modify it.

That would be an acceptable solution, Eric. Thanks!

Also, in the new Task Inbox, this work entry box is located below all the DCTs. I'd like the ability to move it above all the DCTs because it's required before you close most tasks. Moving it to the top makes it more convenient to enter without having to scroll down all the time.

Do you also track your resources time outside of a task?  Such as meetings that align to the project, or time for training. Thank you