Display Attachment Type in Task Inbox

Glenn Hom 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Rob Tuffly 7 months ago 8

Users often see multiple attachments in Task Inbox, so displaying the "attachment type" would help them know which one is the "Working Document" versus other types of attachments. In our system, we've created several other attachment types such as "Word Doc," Powerpoint," etc., so it gets confusing for the user. This enhancement would improve productivity time for just about every task.


Eric - Do you have an update on when this will be deployed?

To get most value from this, should display version comments as well

Attachment type is such an important concept within the workflows.  This really has to be at the top level nav

Also please make the Attachment TYPE editable on surfaced documents on a task.  If a previous user accidentally uploaded a digital asset (ADAM) attachment as the wrong type, there is no way for our project coordinators to edit the type to correct it.  Even under Activity > Aprimo DAM Assets, there is no Attachment Type we can edit.

Please note this Attachment TYPE request has been escalated by our business.  The requested workaround was to open up WIP digital assets to be DELETED by the project manager group, but that is a potential validation issue for us.  So currently the workaround is bulky for both the project manager and catalogers.

I agree on displaying Attachment Type, also the version and version comments.

Also, displaying the Attachment Version and Version Comments would also be helpful for my customers, even on the hover text would be beneficial.   Specifically, when there is an Iterative Review, the first review gets rejected.  In the subsequent rework task a new attachment version is uploaded.  Then the 2nd iteration of the Review is assigned, the reviewer has to click View Details on the attachment, then try and find the Version Comments on this old UI page.