Additional Files - long file names are cut off

Zack Davis 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 8 1 duplicate

Within the Additional Files panel on a record, file names appear to get cut off at around 27 characters in view mode (labels get cut off as well). In the example below the full master filename is used for each additional file with a descriptor appended to the end, like date crop was created. If there are multiple crops of the same label, as we see with "New Crop Im..." it is difficult to tell the difference without downloading both files. 

I can think of 2 solutions. In the example below 

If a filename for an additional file exceeds the max length:

1) I can hover my cursor over the text that has not been cut off yet to get a popup of the full additional filename or label

2) A second or third column is added to the additional files line item that can fit the entire filename or label. Similar to the functionality of wrap text in Excel 

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This will be in DAM release 126, planned for this week, week commencing April 6, 2020

We expect to deliver this in April


There is a similar request we are working on to fix. So i'll close this and merge it.