Ability to search for records that have a value for a field that corresponds to a long list of values

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 2 months ago 6

As a consumer I want to search for all assets that have certain value belonging to a series as metadata field so that I have an easy way to download all assets for a list of (for example) SKUs.

This is a specially important for structured data; most of the time this is product information. For example: a user has a list of 200 SKUs and wants to download all images for those SKUs. He/she would like to be able to provide that list (copy/paste from Excel) and have all records that have one of those values for a field named "SKU ID".


This would be beneficial to us too. There are often times a user has a list of several Offer IDs and wants all records that match a list of IDs. It is time-consuming for them to search each one and add the records to their basket or a collection. It also comes up for admins during audits or mass cleanup efforts.

Any update on this?  We are reviewing our EDMS decommissioning project and this is related.

This Functionality is incredibly useful for anyone using a product model that has unique Identifiers like a Sku or a GTIN.  It is also invaluable for any admin or librarian doing Record auditing. 

I am currently in a situation where our Unique Cache Index can't update because there are roughly 2500 error instances of duplicate filenames that span across an unknown number of actual duplicate assets.  I can use the error log to create a list of filenames, search that list to account for every duplicate, de-dup the list offline, assign a unique ID to the now unique assets by there system ID, and delete the rest.

We've gotten several requests for this functionality, and it would be incredibly helpful for our librarians as well.