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As a Contributor I want to be able to mark certain assets as require approval for download so that I can make sure that assets are used the way intended and I can control their usage. Assets that have a download option which requires an approval will  prompt the user to enter why they need the asset. The request then goes to the approver; if the request is approved the requester will get a download link.

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I was disappointed that this new functionality needs the Productivity Module to work.  Could there be a version that doesn't need that module?

Running a process in Aprimo always depends on the process engine, which is Productivity. However, Productivity is available also in a light weight option for customers who only need to run light weight standard workflows.


Part of DAM release 117 and Productivity release 111.

Can you explain the strategy behind only making this available in the new UI? Thanks!

New actions are typically being developed for the new UI  and no longer for the Asset UI, because we see the new UI as our future UI for consumers cf content. The new UI will grow into supporting contributor activities in the coming year. Download approval is a content 'consumption' action, therefore it fits in the new UI.

Thanks for all the detail, Eric!  Huge help for our planning in our ongoing project timeline.  Much appreciated!


In Progress

Good news everyone.  This work is in progress already.  The current schedule is for this to be available in mid/late Q1 2020.  A few items to note on this feature and our approach.

This download approval will leverage a OOB workflow template (similar to the single review, etc options) that will trigger a modal window to open in the DAM, the user will have the option to enter some basic details/reasons for the download and submit the request.

When the download link is configured in the DAM UI part of the configuration will be to include the Group ID to pass into the workflow that should complete the approval.  This can be a group with 1 user or multiple users.  The process will send a "review task" to the approver(s) with the asset requested and the information collected from the requester.  If the group has multiple users in it, they will all receive the same review and the voting rules on the review will be "first vote decides" so the first user to complete the review (approve or reject) will decide the outcome.  When the user votes they can put in a comment/reject reason as needed.

If the review is approved, the user will receive and email with a download link to retrieve the asset.  If the request is rejected, the user will get an email telling their request was denied and include the comment made by the approver. 

The Download Approval link/action will leverage actions in the new DAM UI which can be configured.  If all downloads go to the same one group it can be used all the time but if the approval group needs to change based on region or line of business, etc then the download link can be configured to use different Group IDs in different use cases.

NOTE:  This download approval link will only be an option in the new DAM UI.  This will not be available in Asset UI.

Hi Petra - do you have an ETA on this item for us?  (Either EAP or GA)

Thank you!


Petra, I know this is not specifically an SBD request, but I thought it might be a good idea to share how we do this functionality.

At SBD, We have built Download Approval into our external portal - Brand Portal.

How our approval mechanism works:

  • All assets that require approval contain a special watermarking stating "Requires Approval"
  • During an order, if an item is added that requires approval, the user is sent to an additional screen explaining that their order contains items that require approval and it will need to go through an approval process - they are asked to complete a single text field that allows them to specify why they require the asset and describe its usage requirement.
  • An email is sent to members of an approval group (user group) - one member of that group needs to approve it for the order to be sent fully.

However, if the order is mixed (having both public and items needing approval) and the approved items are rejected - then the order is sent minus the approval items.

Question: do you ever trigger download approvals on a group (selection, basket) of assets at once, and if you do, how do you identify the user who needs to approve the download?

For my organization, download approvals are usually for specific kinds of assets.  Usually assets that require a monetary transaction for usage.  Ex. We have broadcasters who want to use melt footage of a top 15 player, it would make it very convenient if when they selected "download" instead of downloading it either: automatically email an internal staff member, or had a popup window that allowed the user requesting the download to comment as to the reason for their request.  Then the staff member on our end who controls those assets would receive an email with that comment, the requested download, and the email/name of the user requesting it.  

Regarding baskets, yes there would be a need in that same scenario.  I would say generally we can make it message to an admin who then forwards it to the appropriate member.  Alternatively we can say assets in x space to to a user and assets in y space go to b user and if assets are in both x and y space they go to a and b user.  (alternatively instead of spaces, we group by classification)

How do you identify the staff member in charge of the approval in the system?

Hi Petra, 

Generally it is based on role.  We could make those who are in charge Admin or part of a specific user group.  Or if there is a way to batch assign the approval to an individual that would work as well.  

Download approval is on its way.


This is indeed a committed roadmap topic 

I believe a version of this is on the roadmap, but the ability to change the resulting workflow is going to be important so we are not limited to just a single notes field for example when requesting a file.

This would be very useful for my organization as well. 


Is there an ETA on this feature. It will solve so many problems.  Fingers crossed for early 2020. :)

Petra - this would a be a very nice feature to have ASAP