Data Loader should enable to set a variable exchange rate via template

Tamara Hurioglu 1 year ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 8 months ago 3

The data loader has NOT been enabled yet to set a variable exchange rate via the template. Would like to enable the exchange rate via template.


Tamara, I am shelving this. Dean, Tamara, please reach out directly to me if this is still a need.


Hi Tamara,  for which objects within Aprimo are you particularly focusing on with the request?  There has been recent work to allow an exchange rate for Activity Forecasts which released in Aprimo 87 and a companion transformer to allow for better usability (Aprimo.AGS.GWLoaderTransform.Transformation.ExchangeRateDateToID).

Commitments via the data loader will also honour the Variable Exchange Rate feature lock settings.

Kind Regards


Hi Dan. This is for commitments. For commitments the exchange rate field is not yet exposed to the IWB, so we are not able to leverage that data transform.