Make Date Pickers on Work Requests Configurable

Rachel Anderson 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Alyssa T. 4 months ago 21

Add in configuration functionality to Date and Time and Date Only Extended Attributes.

On our work requests, we want to do things like:

  • Prevent users from selecting a date in the past
  • Prevent users from selecting a date within X business days from today's date
    • If it's past X time, add an additional business day
Work Requests

Hi Eric - Do you have an update on the sizing and a roadmap update for this? We're suffering with the lack of this flexibility. Thanks so much!

Hi All,

Personally, I think setting this kind of rule on the EA definition and apply it everywhere would be too broad and create unintended challenges elsewhere.  For example, I would expect there may be situations where someone has to override the rule on a date field based on some special circumstances (rush job, etc)?  If so then we need special rules to say "ignore the rules" if users have this right or the fields is on this page?  Also, if you use APIs to insert records should they honor this rule?  Should the API call fail if it does not match the rule, etc.  Adding all of this will also greatly complicate the effort and would impact the decision on if/when we can do this feature.

Sounds like the most value is just on Work Requests.  Based on that I think it would be a configuration setting when defining the Work Request.  The simplest would be some option to configure something like limit on the Activity Defaults tab of the Work Request form details.  Give an option to set a "valid values must be X days after today" or something like that.  

We could also look at allowing this to be set on the EA definition but note that it will only apply to Work Requests.  

Pros:  Only needs to be configured in one place so less setup and maintenance

Con:  Only one rule can be defined for a field so not flexible.  If you have the same EA used in multiple different request forms and want the rules on what date values are valid to be different by form then we need the definition on each Work Request form.

My thought is on the work request provides most flexibility.  I will have a team size doing this work and look at options for when it could fit into the upcoming roadmap.


I understand your concern. I was certainly looking at it from our use case only rather than what the impact would be to others who use the fields in different ways and for different calls.

Having it configured on a Work Request form is a great start. We are very willing to help QA it when it does get built or it's in concept phase. However we can be of assistance from a client perspective, just let me know. Please keep us posted on when you have those next conversations with your team :)

Hi Eric - Looking for an update. Have there been further conversations about this as a possible enhancement?

Hi All,

So is this a configuration on the Work Request level or on the Extended Attribute level?  I think this makes more sense on the Work Request level correct?

Is the primary need just the "X days from today".  That is probably cleaner to implement than trying to manage blocking out holidays and weekends, etc.

Also, is this logic on the Activity End Date or would it be on a Extended Attribute?

We would love to have this at the EA level, we utilize Release Date and In Market Dates (and Out of Market Date). Would be great if we could configure to set some sort of logic around what dates are entered.

Hi Eric,

I would see more a need for it to be at the EA level. This way if it needs to be updated due to some Production delays etc., the criteria built around that EA would follow through on tasks. 

Example: If I chose an email send date at the Work Request level and I was restricted to select only certain days of the week and during the workflow - we hit a snag and need to reschedule the send date. I still only want them to select those 'email approved' certain days of the week.

Logic would be placed on the EA itself - not on an Activity End Date.

If we're only able to accomplish setting a parameter such as 'x days from today' - we can work with that. It's better than what we're doing today. 

The perfect solution would be for the date field to consider weekends as well the logic of how many days out/certain allowable dates of the week to be selectable. Holidays may be near impossible due to the nature of global clients.

Thanks! Happy to chat further to see if we can come up with a nice middle ground.

For Comcast, Work Request level would be sufficient. Our main use case is the "X days from today" option and it would be for Extended Attributes. 

Hi Eric - is there any update you can provide on the activity or progress on this?

Also - how can I update the title of this or add more tags to it so it has greater visibility?

Hi Alyssa and Milo,

Blocking past dates would make sense.  Blocking weekends is a little more open because we have many international or global customers who will have resources that could be working on a US weekend day so that gets trickier.  My thought on this but I do not know the technical feasibility on this yet would be to have the Work Request dates honor whatever the customer has configured in their work schedule for Project Management.  So if you have blocked out weekends and certain holidays then it excludes those as options.  Would that meet your use case?  Have you configured your work schedule to include those items?

Regarding this being Qualified for a while, to clarify something being marked Qualified is not a commitment that it will get done.  It is an acknowledgement by the Product team that we agree adding this feature would enhance the product overall, would not negatively affect other customers and is inline with our overall roadmap plans for the application.  Once qualified we then look for what sort of feedback and interest it receives from our customers.  In this case, so far only 5 customer distinct customers have voted for this Idea.  We have limited bandwidth to pull in different ideas along side our planned roadmap so there is always touch competition for which ideas to do and we have to weigh how many customers it will help, the impact it would have for them, are we already planning work in this feature area so we might gain some synergy there, etc.  We are planning some follow up work in Work Requests in 1H2020 to pick up some feedback items from our EAP program.  So there is a chance this could be considered in that set but we will need to look across all the items in Work Requests and make that determination.

Hi Eric - could we set up any time to talk through this? There is a huge initiative within our organization that hinges on this piece of functionality. I would love to talk through it to see if I make myself more clear or help come up with a better "high level" design of how it could work. Also I would love if there was a way I could bump this post so people could see it and I have to believe more customers would find it valuable. Thanks so much for your time once again! 

Hi Eric, Thank you for the thorough follow up. I understand that not everyone can get what they want - I wish there was a better way to circulate voice ideas to all customers as I have to imagine this would be of interest to many customers as it deals with requesting marketing materials. Do you have any suggestions for how I could circulate this or is there a bump feature?

We do have holidays and weekends blocked off on our work schedules, which is great for task assignment. The issue is that we have rules around how long it takes our Production team to develop certain types of materials. For example: an email request may take 4 days so if a Requestor picks a go live date of 1 day - we insert another resource to review and reject those dates and inform users of the first available date. However for another type of request - it takes 4 weeks.

I was hoping it could be a parameter built on each Date EA. For instance we could set "Email Delivery Date" to have a parameter that understands logic of making the first available date <Todays Date> + 4 Days. Another date field could have separate logic.


Hi Eric & Team, This is becoming more and more of a need at Red Hat. Our home built platform that we are trying to phase out and replace with Aprimo had the ability to understand calendar blackout dates so that users could not request materials on holidays, outside of SLA days and weekends. We are losing this functionality by moving to Aprimo and having to instead insert an additional 1-2 tasks assigned to a body to evaluate users requested dates and work with them to pick new ones. It's slowing our efficiency down and honestly make it a bit difficult to get users to have faith that using Aprimo Workflows will be a better experience. This has been qualified for quite some time. Whats the status and what can I do to help build a case around it to see this to fruition? Thanks!

Even the ability to grey out weekends and past dates would be a big step forward and that seems pretty simple to do. We had this functionality in our previous home-grown marketing request application.

We at Santander would really love this ability as well. 

@Eric - any update on this request? It's really killing our efforts to enforce users to select dates that are on or after our SLA dates.

We have the same issue and our governance teams consistently ask for this feature.

This would be really valuable to limit the number of review/approve tasks, and other tasks we had to insert in order to call out whether or not a request is within the standard SLA. It also would drastically improve our user's experience around selecting dates and times. The number one comment/complaint from users so far has been the date and time functionality.