URL / HTML Link field definition datatype

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 1 year ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Alyssa T. 2 months ago 8

As an administrator I would like to set up a field that contains a URL. This would show as a single line text field with a basic URL validation regular expression when displayed in Edit-mode, while showing as a clickable hyperlink when displayed in View mode (both in Assets Studio and the New DAM UI; in that respect this is related to https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1052-functional-hyperlink-in-consumer-ui). That way I can have a better integration with external systems.

Fields / Attributes

Hi Petra - this unfortunately does not solve for the issues we face when we want to map to that field. We have a URL Extended Attribute that would need to map to an asset record as a clickable hyperlink. 

OK, i understand what you are requesting. Let's see how much backing this request gets in the all over user base.

Editable fields, so also the rich content field (replacing the html field) in the new DAM UI was released last week.

The links will be clickable in the UI.

In export the link is surrounded by JSON. However, a workaround is to create another field (text field?) just to export the the link.

A possible solution for your use case is to use the public CDN link using our Akamai Connector.

Thanks Petra. We are not using new UI at this point. However, it seems like this new release wouldn't get us an closer to solving the issue at hand. Today, in the old UI, I could still create yet another field for each text (w/ HTML enabled) field we have. The reason I don't want to do that is because its a super clunky experience for our librarians and end users. We have quite a few URLs that we need to populate. Exporting metadata, say to an agency, so they can activate against the various URLs tied to an asset would produce a much longer list of metadata fields that would contain what a user could perceive as duplicative fields (i.e., Resource Library URL (HTML) vs. Resource Library URL (text)). This is why many of my users are skeptical of migrating away from Google Sheets that were designed to support the agency and activation use case. Overall the DAM is a much better solution, obviously, but not having some basic functionality such as a URL data type that gives the user the option to export the contents of the field as text vs. the actual code really hurts adoption for me. Users become skeptical because they think, "if this solution can't do what I could do in my spreadsheets, then how good is it really?"  Let me know if you want to discuss in greater detail.

Any update on this? It seems table-stakes to have a URL data type. I know it would help us when we export metadata from large collections of assets and hand off to an agency to promote via content syndication. We need to provide the agency the URL to the asset so they can update their site. We currently use a text field with HTML enabled so that our users can click the hyperlinks from the DAM. This poses a challenge when our consumers export the metadata because the HTML is appended to the link. What I would like to see is a URL field that hyperlinks in the DAM and exports to excel as text.


Agreed a specific link field for this type of use cases may be interesting. In the short term we would advise to use the rich content field we are working on for the new UI and which is in progress (see other voice ticket in your description). But i will keep this one on shelved so we can keep it on the radar.